Graceful as a swan, Tammie’s gentle smile welcomes you into the open space that she consistently creates in her classes. And no wonder – as you come to understand her many abilities in yoga, dance, mindfulness, and simply relating to each and every person as she meets them. You muse over how she attained such inner resilience, and realize after many friendly chats with her that it stems from how she strengthened her body and heart after being diagnosed with depression. Through her yoga practice, meditation, and much tender loving self-care, she recognizes how the void in her can be filled with self-acceptance and compassion. She yearns to share this transformational journey with others, and went on to take her 200-hour Yoga Teaching Training, and more recently, to be certified in Trauma-sensitive yoga as well. She has been blown away by her learnings through the wisdom of her body and emotional pains, and her embodied practices have lent themselves to the ways she experiences yoga. Stepping into a class, her genuine warmth and deep connection envelop you, and you breathe easy, knowing that you have found your safe yoga haven.

Classes & Courses Tammie Teach:

Yoga Classes (Drop-In)