It is not hard to see why “Teacher May” is a favourite in the kids’ classes. Bubbly, warm and fashionable, May knows exactly what is most hip and trendy – you get a buzz just being around her. She knows all of the kids’ favourite characters, shows and songs, and entertains them by adopting different accents or rapping a ‘lil beat at times. How could the little ones not be drawn to her colourful and vivacious personality? In her classes, she makes sure to draw everyone together, taking equal care of both the outgoing and quieter ones, as only someone with an open heart is capable of doing.

Even with her demanding full-time job in the banking industry, she is always finding ways to deepen her own yoga practice and teaching. With a desk-bound job, she understands that the body has its own tightness and constraints, and religiously fine-tunes her own practice to incorporate chair yoga stretches that one can do even at work. Her passion thus led her to teach yoga to her colleagues, helping them to relieve the usual aches and pain.

Classes & Courses May Teach:

Kids Yoga Course