With a wealth of teaching experience since 2007, KC is the Yoda mentor that we wished we had during our formative years. Had a distressing day at the office? Experiencing a turbulent relationship? Feel driven up the wall by your hyperactive kids? KC is no magician; but when you walk into his class feeling like you have hit rock-bottom, he would always have the perfect anecdote to start the lesson with. His grounding energy soothes you enough to let go gently of what you cannot control, and stay in the present as he begins the lesson. And that is exactly what the yoga practice is all about. Despite looking like a lean version of The Hulk, he is hugely popular with both veteran and beginner students. He knows when to challenge you further into your arm balances, and when to scale it down to precise alignments for newbies. Even in a group class, his detailed instructions and attentiveness make you feel like he is personalizing each pose just for you. With such passion, he would even devote an equal amount of time outside of class to answer each of his students’ questions with much thought and depth.

Classes & Courses KC Teach:

Corporate Yoga Classes, Ashtanga Yoga Course