Aileen has the astonishing capabilities that only Spiderman has – she somehow manages to dart back and forth across the room in order to guide each and every student in the class. She whole-heartedly believes that everyone is capable of benefiting from the yoga practice, and her enveloping passion spurs you to go that extra mile. Who would believe that just a couple of years ago, she thought that yoga was boring – until she took her first vinyasa flow class when she was based in Yangon. Her love affair with yoga blossomed when she realized the deep sense of peace and joyfulness that is sustained through continual practice, and that yoga goes beyond mere physical postures. In her classes, she focuses very much on building a strong and safe foundation through basic poses and alignment. And who better to teach this to than to kids? Her impish and lively nature ensures that she is a natural favorite among children, and she in turn learns from kids that it’s the simple things in life that we enjoy the most. At home, she is the most reliable laundry lady and floor manager, i.e. a doting and dutiful wife, and she believes that happiness starts from the family itself.

Classes & Courses Aileen Teach:

Kids Yoga Course, Corporate Yoga Classes, Yoga Classes (Drop-In)