The yoga therapy that we speak of today, existed thousands of years back, widely known as ‘Yoga Chikitsa’ – in Sanskrit.

It is the healing of one’s suffered health with the use of a series of specific yoga postures, breath regulations and the modification of lifestyle and dietary habits and in some instances, even meditation, which can bring about the positive changes. To elaborate a little further, all yoga postures can primarily work on one or a few aspects of a human body and our target organs and having this knowledge, the teachers at OhmSantih are able to dedicate the right postures for the different ailments. Yoga Therapy can be applied for physical and mental or emotional conditions (such as depression, ADHD and anxiety); for structural problems (such as low back pain, arthritis, shoulder pain): for respiratory conditions (such as asthma): for diseases of the digestive system (such as indigestion, gastritis and irritable bowel syndrome): and for many other common health conditions (such as menopause, multiple sclerosis, hypertension, diabetes type 1 & 2, chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia).

Taking a case of Type 2 Diabetes; insulin is produced by the pancreas; however the cells are resistant to it. Hence, the glucose metabolism is affected and the level of glucose increased. This is often a life-style or stress related disease. In particular to this case, the lesson plan will include spinal twist poses, which will help stretch the internal organs, thus increases the blood and oxygen supply to the organs, thus increasing the efficiency and functioning of the organ. Stretching various glands also result in increased efficiency of the endocrine system. Sun Salutation is also a good workout for it increases the blood supply to various parts of body, improving insulin administration in the body.

Here in Ohmsantih, by emphasizing the importance of conscious blend of breath and movements, we are confident that we will be able to help each student alleviate the symptoms of their ailments and eventually restoring the vitality and equilibrium that they once had.

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  • We offer a free consultation with our yoga therapist.
  • Classes are offered on a one-one basis only.
  • The duration of each class is 1 hour.


  • 1-1 Private class at studio – $200 per class
  • 1-1 Private class at studio – $1400 for 8 classes
  • 1-1 Private class at student’s home – $240 per class
  • 1-1 Private class at student’s home – $1720 for 8 classes


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