OhmSantih Yoga Kids Yoga Teacher Training Course is a comprehensive and practical certification course, design specifically for all certified Yoga teachers, health professionals or child educators who enjoy working with children and who loves yoga. It is for yoga teachers who wish to specialize, and educators who want to bring the benefits of yoga to their classrooms. It is also perfect for parents who want to get more ideas to how they can bond with their children over a healthy, fun, and yet non-competitive activity.

This course is affiliated to the Yoga Alliance of USA and students can register themselves as Registered Children Yoga Teacher (RCYT) upon graduation.

Assessment & Certification:

  • Participants will be required to achieve 100% class attendance.
  • Participants are required to fulfill 6 hours of class observations, observing the lead trainer teaching the class
  • Participants will be required to design a set of 6 classes of 1.0hr duration.
  • Participants are required to fulfill 12 hours of teaching, under the guidance of the lead trainer/ lead teacher. Each participant must write and submit a report on the teaching experience after each practical teaching session

  • Participants will be required to submit an assignment based on teaching of children with special needs
  • Participants will be required to pass a theory and a practical examination at the end of the course.

This certification course aims:

  • To provide the structure, tuition and support throughout the course to enable teachers to have the best learning experience possible.

  • To significantly grow the teachers’ knowledge and experience with practical knowledge and wealth of fabulous ideas to create original, captivating and fun yoga experiences for kids of all ages.

  • To instill the knowledge, approach and skills required to teach Children’s yoga safely, effectively and professionally
  • To cultivate within the yoga teachers, the confidence and the unique style to teach from their own experience and knowledge
  • To foster excellence in the teaching methods of the teachers using the most up-to-date practice methods whilst maintaining the fundamental philosophies of ancient Hatha and Ashtanga yoga

Upon completion of the course, participants will be awarded a Children’s Yoga teacher certification, which enable them to conduct Children Yoga classes in a FUN, SAFE and INTERACTIVE manner.

Course Curriculum


  • Learn over 300 Hatha/ Ashtanga Yoga poses for children
  • Learn breathing techniques, mindfulness activities and relaxation exercises with guided imagery

  • Understand the teaching methodology to introduce breath-work, postures and relaxation techniques to children 3 to 13 year old

  • Learn creative lesson planning and class sequencing
  • Understand the classroom techniques such as age-appropriate teaching skills for yoga class (e.g. how to phrase age-appropriate questions to a child) and effective communication skills (e.g. songs/ stories/ partner yoga)

  • Learn the art of incorporating art, music, dance and nature into the class
  • Learn the art of safe adjustments to motivate the children and to prevent injuries


Internships with Senior and Lead Yoga Teachers are available:

  • Firstly, you will observe an actual class conducted by our Lead and Senior Yoga Teachers to understand how they structure and teach a class.

  • You will then structure and teach an actual class under the supervision of the Senior Yoga Teacher.

  • This will allow you to build up your confidence and gain valuable teaching experience before you graduate.

Anatomy & Physiology:

  • Understand the changes during child development and the application of yoga during each phase

  • Understand the basic structure of muscles and joints and therefore understanding the strengths and limitations of children

  • Understand the basics of human physiology and the effects of yoga on each system
    • Learn the common ailments such as asthma and obesity and application of yoga techniques to manage/overcome the symptoms.

    • Learn the nature of Autism, ADHD, sensory disorders, communication difficulties and how to effectively use therapeutic yoga techniques for each situation.


  • Learn basic yoga philosophy and practices and understand how they are related to children and to teaching Yoga to children (e.g. Yamas and Niyamas).

  • Awareness of ethical behavior as related to behavior with and supervision of children – both when parents or guardians are present and when they are not.

    • Understand the yoga teacher’s relationships with parents/guardians and basic communication skills for conducting those relationships.


  • There will be a maximum of 8 students per intake.
  • Weekend Course duration – 5 weeks, every Saturday from 9.ooam – 4.30pm and every Sunday from 1pm – 4.30pm
  • 2024 Weekend Intakes:
    • 15th June 2024 to 14th July 2024
  • Upon completion of the course, students will be required to complete 20 Hours of In House Practical Teaching Internship under the guidance of a senior Teacher before being awarded the certificate.


  • Course Fees: S$2500/$2300 (Early Bird Pricing Ends 1 Month Before Start Date)
  • Course fees are inclusive of course notes, books, internships, examinations and certificate. There are no hidden costs.
  • We will collect 50% of the Course Fee as a deposit upon registration and the remaining 50% at the beginning of the course.

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