Yoga is not just about exercising or twisting yourself into a pretzel; yoga is in fact a whole philosophy on life itself! And this is the exact spirit that the founder War War seeks to cultivate at “OhmSantih” – a name signifying peace for everyone and the greater environment we live in.

OhmSantih Yoga in Singapore was established in 2011. At OhmSantih, our yoga classes are small, and we know practically everybody. We are more than just a studio – we are a yoga family. There are usually not more than 5 to 6 students in each class so that our dedicated teachers are able to personalize the yoga lessons according to individual needs, and also provide quality attention and adjustments to poses during the lesson. We emphasize the holistic nature of yoga, and incorporate all aspects such as body awareness, good breathing exercises, and the importance of mindfulness and developing the capacity to relax fully, which is especially challenging in our fast-paced society. We closely guide students as they grow from lesson to lesson in their journey at our yoga schools. Hence, we seek to establish a life-long and deep yoga practice for every student in our yoga schools to serve them well through the ups and downs of life.

This close-knitted tradition of yoga stems from War War’s many years of learning at established institutions. Her teachers include Sir TKV Desikachar at Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram, Chennai; and Dr. Omanand of Paramanand Institute of Yoga Sciences & Research in Indore, India. War War also has an Advanced Certification in Training and Assessment (ACTA) accredited by Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ), affirming her foundational competencies as a trainer, curriculum planner, and assessor.

You would see people from all walks of life coming into OhmSantih for yoga, as we provide yoga lessons ranging from beginner to intermediate and advanced levels, teacher training courses and workshops, and also for kids, prenatal and postnatal, dynamic drop-in and corporate classes, and yoga therapy sessions. For yoga therapy, common ailments and illnesses include scoliosis, knee injuries, depression, fertility issues, and more. In recent years, War War’s ability as a therapist is starting to be recognized, along with the growing awareness of yoga as an effective therapeutic practice. Doctors are beginning to prescribe classes for patients, as part of their rehabilitation, and War War now regularly visits patients at hospitals and at their homes.

All of the teachers at OhmSantih are personally trained by War War herself, and we are fully committed to nurturing the spirit of OhmSantih with our students and the growing community for yoga in Singapore. Let us breathe, drip, persevere, and stretch together with the invigorating group energy, and let it all out into deep relaxation. Not forgetting our coffee and laughter after the sessions, as we stay as firmly-bonded friends upon our yoga journey.

Enroll in our yoga lessons in Singapore for a fulfilling experience – one with the body.