Backaches, shoulder aches, and lower back pains were common on a day to day bases. But not anymore after I started my prenatal yoga classes with War War. I started classes with her from my 2nd trimester all the way to the end of my pregnancy. During this period, I hardly felt any aches at all! The classes with War War were always fun and interactive. I always look forward to them. No matter how tired I am, I always felt rejuvenated after. The breathing techniques were also a godsend – especially when you are in labour pain or when you feel like you just need to take a few seconds to control your emotions.

War War is an excellent teacher – taking time to understand your needs and your wants. She takes time to understand her clients and what they need to do to help them achieve their goals.

Julie Chiang

Yoga has always been part of my life for more than 15 years. Wawa’s class is a truly “undiscovered secret”. She is passionate about teaching Yoga. She is also a living example of devotation of Yoga practice.

Since I started to go to her class one year ago I found myself benefit from it both mentally and physically. Eventhough it’s only a 90 minute class, I really feel the difference and it strenghtens my endurance and relieve my stress at work. Wawa’s teaching is interactive, every class is never the same. She is also a kind and warming person, she listens to your needs and often she shares her own experiences of the journey to Yoga. She is truly a natural yogi.

Sadly I am leaving Singapore unable to continue the practice with her. Wish Wawa all the best and she will continue to share the joy of Yoga to more people.


Her classes are very well structured and her demonstrations are always clear and precise. She pays a great deal of attention to each one of us, and provides us feedback on how we do on the spot, so we can learn and improve ( In my opinion, it is very important to know how to do a posture correctly. Otherwise, you will end up hurting yourself ). She will also observe how we do as a class and lead us to progress as per our speed so all can catch up and advance smoothly.

Lately, I have also joined her meditation class which I ABSOLUTELY love! Besides teaching us the skills on how to meditate, she will also add in some philosophy, which I found very inspiring! Her meditation classes certainly bring peace to my mind and has helped me to look at things in life from another perspective.

Above all, I love War War’s personality! She is very positive and her cheerful characteristics definitely has made a good impact on me. I am very thankful that I have the opportunity to join her classes and will certainly recommend her to all of my friends who practice Yoga.


War War not only cares, but she she makes a difference! Although I’ve practiced yoga off and on for 10+ years and have taken expensive classes from Yoga Masters, War has helped me push myself and get me into positions I never have in the past. She inspires me to tell everyone about her!

Jasmine M

Hi teacher, i was so inspired by you and felt liberated after each meditation class you conducted for us. Thank you for introducing the concept of meditation. Thank you for being an amazing instructor, as well as our buddy.


Hi Babe, I do not know where & how I should start thanking you cos the many classes that i had with you are the best times of my life. Though I had a broken tailbone & felt depressed, you never fail to motivate me. Because of your ‘concoction’ of the prenatal poses, my delivery was a breeze & I became famous to have undergone such a short delivery despite my broken tailbone. And sometime, i truly wonder if you have some magical abilities, how did you made my tailbone pain disappear for good (touchwood of cos). Anyway, I definitely want you for postnatal so please dont ‘ditch’ me, ok..busy woman! Thanks for the magical touch, truly!


Just wanna say, Thank you so much from the bottom of heart, War War..for accomodating me despite your hectic work schedule and squeezing in lessons for me as per my requests. My husband and I are really delighted about how I look now, slim, tone and confident. Through the cleansing sessions, i have overcome my morning nose block symptoms and I am proud to say I wake up each morning now, feeling refresh and energetic. Thank you and I was really lucky to have found you – a truly amazing instructor and a friend as well! (:


After learning Pranayama from War War and bring in this breathing technique into my daily life, i feel that only then am I alive. Being able to breath properly, with full lung capacity enables me to go through each day without migraines, without feeling tired, which I always do in the past. By constant practise of different pranayam techniques, it allow me to feel more calm and compose and enable me to have a good restful sleep at night. The asana sessions strengthens my body and increase the flexibility of my joints as well. For the past 3 months, I had learn plenty from War War & no doubt she is one of the better instructors that I had cross my paths with. A very passionate & dedicated in her what she does, just like how some of her other students wrote her to be. Keep doing what you are doing & keep making great differences in lots of peoples’ lives, War War ! (:


You do not have to hear from the students whom submit the testimonials to know how good War War is with what she does :) Go ahead and sign up 8 lessons with her and feel the difference immediately after the 1st lesson! With her careful planning of my Therapy lessons, the intensity of back pain gradually reduced and eventually the pain became almost non existence. I was able to do asanas which I never imagine myself doing 4 months back! :DGREAT teacher & a GREAT friend indeed, Cheers!

Nancy Chew

Thank you for transforming me physically & mentally. I feel a lot younger these days and appreciate the ‘extra miles’ that went just to get me in tune. Your caring and dedicated personality will be distinctive amongst the few instructors that I know & now that classes are over, I am definitely going to miss you & your classes. I will be back year end and I will come for your classes again. Don’t worry, I will keep on practising and surprise you when I am back in Singapore! Take care dear!


I used to be a really huge lady weighing 80+ kg at a height of 158cm. I had many reservations about myself about doing yoga as the asanas require huge amount of flexibility, arm/ leg strength and agility. Weeks after weeks, War War helped me to achieve the asanas with many preparatory & joints/ flexors loosening exercises so that i can flow into the desired asana in ease. I no longer pant and gasp for air every few steps i take as i had a significant reduction in my weight over the last 3 months. Would like to take this opportunity to say thank you so much, War War..i realized now that it don’t always take a blood related individual to do that much for another! =)


When I first join War’s yoga class, my first thinking comes “Can Yoga make me slim down?” Next, “Can my body really be flexible to do those postures (like those photos in the website & my bones are so stiff)?” And truly War challenges me that I CAN DO IT! After few lessons, I can do some of the postures which I think I can’t…hahah… With your preservance and self improvement, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE..trust me..you all will definitely like Yoga & CAN DO IT..of coz you can slim down coz you will perspire like Mad. Hey Sis..thks 4 all e challenges n support during e class! Love U & ur Yoga classes…


Through War War, I learnt to appreciate the beauty of Yoga. What I benefited through her lessons were many, to name a few ; reduction in my BP, my knee joints strengthen & more importantly, I am a happier person now as I learnt to relax through the pranayamas and through the asanas, i gained confidence in myself as I am able to perform the postures with ease after much practise with War War. Thank you very being very patient & encouraging & mind over matter, I will always bear this in mind!


With a proper diet plan and asana sequence that War War developed specially for me, the occurrences of gout reduced significantly over the 2 months. She have in-depth knowledge on human body anatomy and its relation with each posture. Thank you for the enriching classes an be sure to look for you when Mike & myself comes back in Jul. God Bless You always!

Liz Manning

A very nice & neat website, should have done in long ago..hehe ;p U won’t regret learning from War War cos she is definitely the one at the top of my list amongst all instructors i ever had!! Take care Cher..hehe!!

Sweetie Pie

3 Cheers for War War.. I will recommend all my friends who are interested to her for sure, no doubts about that! Mind over matter always..thats her fav tagline!!


My health improve tremendously after each time of prespiration during War War’s classes! She never fail to amaze me how dynamic she can be even after her night shifts. My salutes to u! :-)


At this age, I have never imagined that i could bend forward, beyond my shins. War War is a very patient instructor & she is always making sure that I was well taken care of throughout all the lessons. Just want to say a BIG ‘Thank U’ and all that i can do now will not be possible without her :D * BIG SMILE*