You see Shimin around OhmSantih so much, it is practically her second home. Indeed, her classes cover almost the entire spectrum, including Beginners, Kids, Prenatal, Postnatal, and some Therapy. She is a good illustration of what sets OhmSantih teachers apart – possessing the ability to teach a variety of lessons, both group and private, older and younger; and having an openness to hone one’s teaching skills pose by pose, class by class, student by student.

You would certainly not be able to guess her age accurately, as she has a whimsical child-like quality that is so thoroughly infectious that it brings out your lighter (and younger) side. That is not to say that her classes are all fluff and fun; her grounded mindfulness and intense awareness of each and every student in class ensures that you are completely in tune with your own body and mind during the whole session, and you gradually learn the depth of what it means to flow with your breath and be unequivocally present. She hopes that students would slowly translate the spirit of their yoga practice to their daily lives, and realize a deeper understanding of themselves.

Classes & Courses Shimin Teach:

Ashtanga Yoga Course, Prenatal Yoga Course, Postnatal Yoga Course, Kids Yoga Course, Yoga Classes (Drop-In), Corporate Yoga Classes, Yoga Therapy Classes