As the founder of OhmSantih Yoga, War War is the very embodiment of its spirit – overflowing with endless optimism and positive energy, wise and knowledgeable beyond her years, and generous to a fault. She can be animatedly chatting with you non-stop before class, but once we step into the room, her presence commands absolute focus on your practice. She is quite possibly the only person we know who actually grieves when going on a holiday as she is unable to teach yoga. Rarely able to hold back her passion, she can be found imparting advice even to strangers in foreign lands. True to her extroverted nature, she gets more energy from talking about yoga than taking an afternoon nap. If there is someone who eats, drinks, breathes, lives yoga – that would be War War.

War War was introduced to yoga at a tender young age as she was sickly as a child, and her mother became her very first yoga teacher. Through the subsequent years of consistent yoga practice, she realized the immense capacity of yoga to build deep inner resilience and self-fulfillment. With her degree and previous work in the pharmaceutical industry, War War has a deep understanding of human anatomy and physiology, which she applies to great success through yoga therapy to heal her students. Her boundless energy and compassion so completely touch the students that their healing comes from being with her as much as through the solid therapy techniques. Her hands-on adjustments are spot-on and provide much relief, and her perpetually high spirits motivate everyone to move through the yoga practice with full awareness and to their greatest potential.

Even with her overwhelmingly full plate, she is still the same War War to her family and friends – always there for you when you need her. She is the excited mother witnessing her young daughter act as a fox in her first drama performance; she is the best friend you call at 11 pm when you need a listening ear; she is the eldest daughter who would send her father for a medical check-up, and she is the random stranger whom you meet by chance, and feel an instant connection.