Shirleen Lai Mei Ling

teacher2Shirleen embarked on her yoga journey as an Ashtanga yoga beginner’s class at OhmSantih Yoga back in year 2010 and over the span of less than 2 years; she progressed to the Intermediate and then the Advanced level classes and finally, she decided to pursue the 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course (TTC) with OhmSantih Yoga.

In 2012, she graduated from OhmSantih Yoga TTC, with a strong understanding and ability to apply the art of Yoga with respect to Human anatomy and physiology. Her background in B(Sc) in Pharmaceutical Management had provided her with a good foundation. During the time as a trainee of 200-hour TTC, she also repeatedly demonstrated strong passion and dedication towards teaching and empathy towards the students. With her study background coupled with the philosophical learning from the TTC, she is determined to help each student improve their physical and mental health by tailoring the classes accordingly. With such high level of commitment and dedication from Shirleen, students can look forward to an improvement in their overall health in no time.