Ron Lim Yong Hwee

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARon started his yoga journey as a student of an Ashtanga Yoga beginner’s class in OhmSantih Yoga and since then, he has never once look back. Under the tutelage of his teacher, his passion for yoga multifold and the thirst to quest for deeper knowledge since began. He went on in search of books and materials which were written by famous yoga gurus and it did not take long before he realize that it is in his calling to become a yoga teacher – to spread his love for yoga through teaching and enriching others.

In 2012, he undergone a 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course (TTC) with OhmSantih Yoga and successfully completed it. With the exceptional level of understanding and constant demonstration of the teachings from yoga philosophy, he aspires to teach each student in recognition of their innate ability and tapping on that ability to enrich them physically and mentally. He is determined and committed to teach each student by creating an environment where everyone can safely have their own deepest quest and experience – upholding the true essence of Ashtanga Yoga!