Most people come to yoga to keep their bodies supple and fit, but not Ron. We call him “the sage”, as he is our walking dictionary on all Sanskrit terminology and yogic philosophy. No doubt, you get a good practice in his classes through asanas (poses) and pranayama (breathing). Beyond that, he grounds you with his reverent musings on how yoga relates to life and all of living, sprinkled over with his charismatic light humor.

You would not have guessed that he used to be very much an angsty youth, like so many of us, frustrated with the rigid stereotypes and exacting demands of modern city life. As a dominantly left-brain thinker, he is a voracious reader of all things intellectual, and he walked into his first yoga class at OhmSantih with a skeptical mind. The traditional and all-encompassing way yoga is practiced blew him away. He began to understand the holistic nature of Ashtanga Yoga (the “eight limbs” of yoga) and deepened his knowledge through a subsequent 200-hours Teacher’s Training Course at OhmSantih. He still works his left-brain full-time with his highly intellectual work in IT, and continually seeks that delicate balance for life through his passion for yoga teaching and practice.

Classes & Courses Ron Teach:

Ashtanga Yoga Course