You would probably hear Penny before you even catch a glimpse of her. With her crystal-clear loud voice and enormous eyes, Penny has a larger-than-life personality, and the children in the kids’ classes absolutely love her. With her knack for talking continuously almost without taking a breath and her comical exaggerated movements in classes, she is unabashedly frank and shares all her thoughts without a blink. No wonder then that she excels at both her management role in the pharmaceutical industry and her vibrant presence in yoga.

She admits that even as a kid, she was always the loudest in class and would stand up for her friends against bullies. Her strong sense of survival also serves her well in her competitive full-time job, yet it can get overwhelming at times. Yoga became her haven when she first tried it many years ago – from forcing herself into poses and skipping savasana (relaxation pose), to now slowing down and even modifying the stretches to help with her slight scoliosis – she has matured a great deal through the yoga practice and you can see it in the close-knitted relationships she shares with both kids and their parents alike.

Classes & Courses Penny Teach:

Kids Yoga Course