May Lwin

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMay has been practising traditional Ashtanga Yoga with OhmSantih Yoga since 2010 and since then, she experiences profound effect – great improvements in both her physical and mental health. She found herself being able to manage stress better and she was falling sick less often. She truly believe that there was much more to this ancient practise, therefore she decided to take up the 200-hour Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training Course to explore further. During the course, she undergoes an internship with the Kids Yoga classes and her bubbly and fun personality makes it easy for her to work with children to help instil a love for yoga.

Upon completing the course, she was very much inspired to share the knowledge and to enrich the people around her, especially in the niche segment of Kids Yoga. She started to teach Kids Yoga Classes with OhmSantih Yoga in 2012 and she has since become popular and very well-liked by all children. She is able to inspire the children in a positive way and therefore, enabling the children to experience the physical and mental benefits of yoga in a shorter period of time.

May strives to pass on to the children, the mental calmness and clarity that yoga has given her – therefore helping each child improve their attention span and ability to relax from the stressful school environment.