When you step into the class, you will be enveloped in Guo Zhen’s calm and easy grounded demeanor akin to Japanese Zen, while inexplicably drawn in by her characteristic bursts of sunshine. How does she understand what I’m going through so well, you think. Well, she used to be part of the drudgery working class herself in public service and felt the stress from prolonged sitting and standing, plus a piling workload. This is exactly what makes her understand so well the woes of our modern lifestyle. It’s no wonder then that she completed a 200-hour Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training Course at OhmSantih Yoga, and immediately starting teaching family and friends right after graduating from the course. With her overwhelming passion, you feel inspired as she wholeheartedly shares with anyone and everyone on her journey to discovering inner peace through the Ashtanga yoga practice, espousing on the philosophy of yoga and of life itself, and endlessly helping students to uncover for themselves the power of mindfulness through yoga, and bringing balance back to their lives.

Classes & Courses Guo Zhen Teach:

Kids Yoga Course, Corporate Yoga Classes, Yoga Classes (Drop-In)