Fondly known as our “Bootcamp” teacher, our seemingly gentle Betty would transform you in the space of 90 minutes as she expands the capacity of both your body and mind. Her specialty lies in the ever-creative ways that she is able to lead you to twist and turn, yet also hold strong in variations of poses. Not for the faint-hearted, her own endurance and a wide repertoire of poses come from her basis as a long-time practitioner, and her constant thirst to learn more and teach even more.

She has had her fair share of aches and strains and learned the hard way to counter her naturally hyper-flexible body and boost her core strength. Hence, she very much understands the challenges that every student goes through. Her current studies in yoga therapy give her a greater understanding of the stresses and ailments that we struggle with and enable her to add a personal touch to the way she teaches. With her full-time job in the shipping industry, Betty works very hard 24/7 and spends almost all of her free time pursuing her true passion – yoga teaching and learning.

Classes & Courses Betty Teach:

Ashtanga Yoga Course, Kids Yoga Course, Yoga Therapy Classes, Yoga Classes (Drop-In)