Prenatal Yoga in Singapore is a series of yogic breathing techniques (Pranayama) and poses (Asana) that are modified to suit the pregnancy needs of expectant mothers.

During pregnancy, there are a variety of changes that occur in the body that may cause some pregnant women to experience discomfort or even pain. These include physical changes (such as gaining of weight, rounding of the spine, and swelling of the feet), physiological changes (such as hormonal shifts as well as heart and circulatory functions), and functional changes of the organs (such as the kidneys, urinary tract, gall bladder, digestive system, and metabolic systems).

At OhmSantih Yoga, our classes for Prenatal Yoga in Singapore are designed to help you prepare for these changes and get through your pregnancy period with minimal discomfort, and at the same time prepare you for a smooth natural delivery by learning how to cope with the intensity of contractions. Each class is 90 minutes and generally consists of breathing exercises (pranayama), postures workout (asana), and lastly, a relaxation exercise (savasana) – all in a sequential manner.

Pregnancy yoga includes breathing exercises that will have a relaxing effect on your body releasing a sense of calmness that allows your body to regulate your hormones better during pregnancy. These breathing exercises will also become extremely useful during labor as they will help you to manage the pain and keep calm. This is very important as your body needs to produce oxytocin during labor to stimulate contractions and move the baby down and out of the birth canal, but when you are overly tense due to the intensity of contractions, the adrenalin produced will inhibit the oxytocin production.

For Pregnancy Yoga, the posture workout is a modified version of Ashtanga Yoga postures to ensure that they are absolutely safe during pregnancy. Lessons will focus on strengthening the various muscle groups needed to support the additional weight during pregnancy (Legs, Core, Spine), the various muscle groups needed for labor and delivery (Core, Pelvic), and improving blood circulation to prevent water retention which is the main cause of swelling in the feet of pregnant women. Every lesson also focuses very much on both strengthening and stretching the hips – so that even as your hips gradually expand due to pregnancy hormones and in preparation for delivery, you still maintain stability and the ability to carry your growing baby’s weight well through to the third trimester. Equally important is the meditative rest (Savasana) at the end of each lesson to further deepen the benefits of the postures and breathing through a calming relaxation guided by the teacher.

Why Choose Us?

  • We are a Registered Prenatal Yoga School with Yoga Alliance, and that allows us to train and certify Prenatal Yoga Teachers. All our Prenatal Yoga Teachers are very experienced and trained in-house to standards exceeding that of Yoga Alliance.
  • Our prenatal yoga in Singapore has a proven track record of helping our students eliminate all their pregnancy discomforts and ailments and successfully helping many of our students achieve a short and smooth natural delivery without the use of an epidural. Please view the video testimonials below to hear them for yourself.
  • As your safety is of utmost importance to us, we keep our classes to a maximum of 5 students so that each student receives personalized attention from the teachers. This is to ensure that all students are doing the practice correctly and will not get injured.
  • We provide notes at the end of each class so students have a guide if they choose to practice at home.
  • We have a close-knitted community of mothers who have attended our Pregnancy Yoga classes and frequently share their experiences and information with one another. This will add to your existing support groups during your pregnancy and after your delivery.

We have trial classes available at a fee of $30. This allows you to experience the classes and ensure you like them before making your decision.


  • It is advisable to start Prenatal Yoga only after the 13th week of pregnancy.
  • Please get clearance from your Gynaecologist before starting the Prenatal Yoga Course.
  • One Pregnancy Yoga Course comprises of 8 lessons.
  • The duration of each mass class is 1.5 hours and the duration of each private class is 1 hour.
  • There will be a maximum of 5 students per class for mass classes.

Weekly Prenatal Class Timings:

  • Wednesday: 10.00am to 11.30am
  • Thursday: 7.00pm to 8.30pm
  • Saturday: 9.00am to 10.30am

**Classes are strictly by booking only. Please contact us to reserve a slot.


  • Mass class – $600 for 8 lessons ( 1 Course = 8 lessons)
  • 1-1 private class at studio – $960 for 8 lessons ( 1 Course = 8 lessons)
  • 1-1 private class at student’s home – $1200 for 8 lessons ( 1 Course = 8 lessons)