Yoga Meditation Singapore

More often, meditation is commonly thought as a technique to relieve stress through attainment of mind and physical state of relaxation. It can, no doubt deliver these benefits. However, there are more to what one can get out of a meditative practice. Through each practice, students will be able to understand oneself deeper by exploring their inner self and mind through different forms of meditative yoga practices.

Meditative Yoga 1 Prior commencing the meditative yoga practice, each class will begin with a nasal cleansing practice. This nasal irrigation practice is to get rid of dirt and bacteria that have been trapped by the mucus within the nose. Once the nose is cleaned, the efficiency of breathing will be increased, supplying fresh oxygenated air to the different parts of the body, including the brain through pranayama. After the pranayama practice, the students will perform various meditative postures. The intent of these postures is to help position oneself in such a way that one’s limbs cease to send stimuli to the mind, allowing the student to concentrate on the meditative practice.

Having laid the foundations for the student mentally and physically, he/she will then be ready to embrace the various techniques that will be taught and find one or a few which best suits them- walking the spiritual journey, the path of self-discovery.

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Course Description

  • This course is only available in mass class as group dynamics is important when learning to meditate.
  • One Meditative Yoga Course comprises of 8 sessions.
  • The duration of each session is 1 hour 15 minutes.
  • There will be a maximum of 10 students per session.
  • Please contact us for the weekly class schedule.
  • Mass class - $440 for 8 sessions ( 1 Course = 8 sessions)