Kids’ Yoga Singapore

kids yoga 1OhmSantih Yoga has developed a program designed to promote yoga for kids. Our Kids’ Yoga program was designed with the intention to provide the children with a fun way to develop their critical physical, psychological and physiological skills in a non-competitive environment.

On a physical level, some asanas work on enhancing the child’s strength and flexibility and in some instances, the growth of the child can be enhanced through spine elongating asanas.

Psychologically, some asanas can benefit the child by increasing his/her self-esteem and improving their leadership skills as well as teamwork abilities. Yoga can also help release stress and anxiety, thus increasing the ability to relax. The capabilities of the child in concentrating and focusing will also be enhanced through the asanas and the pranayama exercises.

In a physiological sense, asanas can help improve digestion and also to strengthen the immune system of the children increasing their bodily resistance against invading bacteria and viruses, and fending off various illnesses.

We have also gathered evidence over the years that yoga for kids will benefit children with ailments such as asthma and sinusitis and also children with special needs, such as Down’s Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder and Cerebral Palsy.

IMG_2445In the case of Autism Spectrum Disorder, the muscle tone can be improved and the flapping symptoms can be minimised. More importantly, the gentle and tranquil nature of yoga allows them to integrate their natural gift of enthusiasm with a series of movements easily committed to memory as well as regulate breathing without having to face competition or stress.

Introducing yoga to your child is not a fruitless endeavor. Through our many years of yoga teaching experience, it is undeniable that yoga can indeed improve a child’s life immensely and OhmSantih yoga is honoured to have witnessed many of such cases.

We also have classes that run simultaneously with the Kids Yoga Classes for parents who are interested to do yoga themselves.

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Course Description

  • Our Kids' Yoga Course is suitable for kids age 3 to 13 years old.
  • We have classes for different age groups and kids will be assigned to a suitable class.
  • One Kids' Yoga Course comprises of 8 lessons.
  • The duration of each class is 1 hour.
  • There will be a maximum number of 6 children per class for mass classes.
  • Please contact us for the weekly class schedule.
  • Mass class - $360 for 8 lessons ( 1 Course = 8 lessons)
  • 1-1 private class at studio - $560 for 8 lessons ( 1 Course = 8 lessons)
  • 1-1 private class at student's home - $800 for 8 lessons ( 1 Course = 8 lessons)
  • We are offering 20% discount for our Mass and Private Class at Studio till 31st Jan 2016
  • Coupon Code: 2016promo